Editor’s Pick: Three Lamp

The Bernhardt Studio has been a great addition to the fair, bringing in a curated selection of young designers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to make an appearance. It has quickly become one of my favorite places to troll for new faces and pieces that aren’t (yet) in production. This year a row of tall lamps in zippy colors caught my eye. They have triangular shades resting on three spindly legs capped with matching plastic feet. The team behind them, Horst Wittmann and Konstantin Landuris, wanted to make something affordable and easy to disassemble. The name comes from the number of components: the bulb fixture, the shade (which they plan to rotationally mold in plastic), and the set of legs, which slide into holes at each corner of the shade. This doesn’t make for the sturdiest lamp, but even with a bit of wiggle, it’s not going anywhere. And, in addition to looking great, Three is truly easy to assemble, which makes it a great floor lamp for someone who moves around lot. Welcome to ICFF hansandfranz!

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