Exciting Lighting

Another young international lighting collective (members live in the UK and in New York), Seen the Light makes lighting that is at once artistic and functional.

Fingerprint is a ceramic tile that, when touched, acts as a rheostat. It makes for a seamless and elegant alternative to the light switch.

Electric Tap is a playful lamp that also does away with the traditional switch, replacing it with a water tap.

Still Life appears to be a blank stretched canvas, but as you walk by, whimsical dancing dots of light appear on it and follow you. It also responds to cell phones: when one rings, the lights on the canvas go wild. The example at the fair is a nonworking prototype; the working version can be viewed at The Apartment www.theapt.com, a store in New York City’s Soho.

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Company: Seen the Light
Products: Fingerprint, Electric Tap, and Still Life
Designers: MWill Carey, Natasha Chetiawardana, and Stign Ossevort

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