Fashion Inspired Carpets

Last fall, Natalie Jones, VP, Brand Management for Lees Carpets, indulged in some retail therapy before attending a new product development meeting with designers at HOK. By the time she reached their offices in Chicago’s landmark Inland Steel Building, she had an inspiration for Lees’ new line of modular carpeting—men’s clothing. According to HOK’s Tom Polucci, the intention of the Menswear Collection is to translate the essence of clothing textiles into sophisticated 24” square tile flooring. The collection, available in 15 colorways, includes four tufted, textured, and tip-sheared designs that channel different elements of a man’s wardrobe: Shirt features cut/loop stripes; Tie is patterned diagonally; Sweater presents a quiet herringbone design; and Jacket is subtly textured.

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