Final Farewells to the Palast

It’s been decided. The Bundestag in Germany ruled that the Palast’s demolition, will start in February and last 14 months. Growing up in East Germany, I never really thought much of “Erich’s Lampenladen.” Sure, it was there, filled with lots of entertainment, and home of the “Kessel Buntes,” a Saturday night show with musical guests from all over the world. Since the Reunion, though, it became a very exciting place for arts and culture, and had turned into an interesting destination for all of us. It’s sad to see it go.

Thank you for bringing back a bit of my past.

Jacqueline Hatch
Chicago, IL


It appears to me that the Palast has been scorned by Western politicians who dominate the Bundestag. The destruction of this piece of history reflects a reckless attitude on the part of German politicians. By destroying the Palast, they seek to destroy all that was the GDR. What they fail to realize is that to do so only deepens the rift between East and West and increases the void in the lives of many East Germans whose history is quickly slipping away, outside of their control.


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