Form Follows Performance

Course# Met126
This course is AIA/CES registered for 1LU/HSW/SD.

Sustainability is no more a buzz word, it’s the backbone of your projects. High performance has become critical to architecture; new shapes emerge in the service of environmental responsiveness, high-tech efficiency, and people. German architect Stefan Behnisch is on the advance guard of the high performance movement. Learn what pushes him to achieve new levels of energy efficiencies; and discover the differences between the American and German models of sustainable architecture.

– Name at least three ways that changing the form of a building can have an increased affect on its sustainable performance
– Explain how an increasing focus on sustainable design is affecting the way designers approach architecture
– Discuss ways that human-centered architecture that takes the physical body into account increases the quality of a building
– Differentiate American and German green building certifications and explain benefits and problems with each

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