Get Well, Ray! We Need You.

If you’re in any way part of the American environmental movement, you love and admire Interface’s Ray Anderson, like I do. He’s been the leading voice in putting our carpet industry on a sustainable course, as everyone will admit. His thoughtful, provocative, and evocative speeches have inspired designers, architects, manufacturers, and other CEOs alike, and his books continue to help reshape business thinking everywhere. Selfishly, we want him to go on forever, because we need to be inspired by someone who practices what he preaches. And make no mistake about it, Ray’s presentations are as powerful as any Baptist preacher’s sermons. His soft, southern cadences ring in our ears long after he’s left the room.

So it’s very difficult for me to share this news with you. Ray has been diagnosed with cancer. He explains his condition in his clear, no-nonsense manner in a video message he recorded on Tuesday. His office confirms that Ray is “feeling healthy” and that he is “maintaining his schedule and keeping commitments” and is staying “focused on the work that he loves.”

Photo:  Mark Steinmetz

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