Give My Regards to the Moynihans

I’m trilled about the Penn Station Project [“Completing the Dream: A Conversation with Maura Moynihan”]. It’s a great legacy to the late Great Senator Patrick Moynihan. But more so, a testament to his never ending concern and work for the people of New York and this nation.

He was right-on referring to the destroyers of the original Penn Station by calling them “bastards.” How can we ever hope to build our culture when such horrible and ignorant people have their way with beautiful historic structures such as Penn Station?

Thank God for Maura’s efforts and the past work of Patrick Moynihan. May people like her prevail and help to make New York City a place of lasting beauty and culture for all America. Keep up the good fight and I can’t wait to take a train into the restored Penn Station!

John Cannizzaro


I live and work in New Rochelle and have very little opportunity to go to New York City. And while, I’m not going to have much use for the new station—if that’s what Senator Moynihan wanted, that’s good enough for me. I think Maura Moynihan is as gutsy as her old man.

Robert Streger

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