Glass Tiles Broaden Range of Uses

Glass Tile USA’s Live Tile line is an example of old-world tradition being revived for modern needs. The tiles, which are produced by Czech glass craftsmen, come in different silhouettes and strengths, in order to support internal and external uses. Two new applications of Live Tile were unveiled at NeoCon.

For interior use, the tiles now come in a curved glass shape that measures up to 18” in width; this size and form allows designers to create serpentine walls or column covers made entirely of glass. An extensive array of tile colors, textures, and patterns only add to the options.

For those in search of building cladding, Glass Tile has introduced flat glass panels. Roughly the Live Tile line combined with a German-engineered support system, the panels are smaller than most commercial glazing systems and can provide an affordable alternative for contemporary, exterior applications.

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