Good News About Ray Anderson

The last time we wrote about Interface’s Ray Anderson, we shared some very sad news about his bout with cancer. Because of your concerned responses, we wanted to, once again, share some news with you—this time positive. This note just arrived from Lisa Cape Lilienthal of his office: “Following a visit to Houston last week, Ray reports, ‘I am in what [my doctor] calls partial remission. This means almost all tumors have disappeared from my liver. I am to continue with a modified (maintenance) level of chemo at Piedmont in Atlanta. We can’t declare victory, but we can say the enemy is held at bay. With great relief and great love to you all.’”

“In true Ray form,” continues Lisa, “he’s already asking What’s next? in terms of outreach, speaking and writing. [While] his time and energy may not be the same [as before], …it is the work that he does that keeps him vital.” We understand finding personal meaning through work.

This Wednesday is Ray’s 76th birthday. Let’s celebrate with him, in spirit if not in person!

Photo:  Mark Steinmetz

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