Good Riddance to HUD

I’d rather have my Social Security privatized then continually support big government and HUD housing. [“Bush to Cities: Drop Dead!”] We are the richest nation in the world, and immigrants and natives of America all take sorry advantage of the billions of dollars spent in social programs. We wouldn’t have a deficit if people researched the real budget eaters and stopped complaining about Bush. You can’t blame it on the war either. People need to get off their high horses and do some real reporting.

Noelle Weaver, IIDA
McCormick Architects & Designers


I have certainly worked on HUD-funded projects and benefited from them. On the other hand, the federal government goes through a great deal of tax money (which I also pay) that has nothing to do with the federal mandate.

From an architect’s point of view, HUD work requires much greater effort [than work for state agencies.] I would place that on the order of five times as much.

The only place the federal government should be involved in building is in dealing with its own needs. This may sound like heresy coming from an architect. But without HUD, the level of building would not decrease—only the level of taxation to create the building.

Lloyd Knowles, Director of Design
KBH Architects
Springville, Utah

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