Gore’s Not Fooling Around

Yesterday marked the launch of Wecansolveit.org, a project of the Alliance for Climate Protection and the brainchild of former Vice President Al Gore. The Nobel Laureate presents a site that’s heavy on information (action alerts, success stories, solutions,)with the goal of creating an inspired community.

The three-year, $300 million “WE” campaign calls on the United States to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions. But since that much money gets you more than just a Web site, an advertising blitz is naturally on the horizon. In fact, you can already hear the dulcet tones of William H. Macy in a dubbed commercial soon to appear on prime-time television. And the campaign just gets more cats-and-dogs-living-in-harmony from here—there will be ads that feature the Rev. Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson (together!), and Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former GOP Speaker Newt Gingrich (together!).

The group is also making strategic alliances that will no doubt net them a huge number of members, not to mention an extremely varied audience. For instance, with just one organization, the Girl Scouts of America, they gain 2.7 million young members who will each take a climate action pledge. Other grassroots groups partnering with the WE campaign include:

The Climate Project
Blue Green Alliance (United Steelworkers & Sierra Club)
Colorado Wildlife Federation
Conservation Federation of Missouri
Earth Day Network
Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative
Green for All
Live Earth/SOS
National Audubon Society
US Climate Action Network

If Gore can win an Academy Award for the highly-stylized infotainment film, An Inconvenient Truth, it will be interesting to see what he’s capable of with a Web site and some serious funds.

As of this writing, more than more than 1,079,024 people have joined. Once this is posted, you can make that 1,079,025.

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