Help Save NYC Historic Places

What if, with a push of a button, you could save one of your favorite historic places?

The Partners in Preservation need your help. They need you to press a button and help decide who should get $3 million.

Some of the places on the list are really well known in New York and beyond; the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, the Guggenheim Museum, the Apollo Theater, the Coney Island B&B Carousel… The list goes on and on.


There also are some interesting places that you may not think of like Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park, or the Tug Boat Pegasus with its Waterfront Museum Barge. There is even the Astoria Pool Olympic High Diving platform.

Astoria Diving Platform

One of the many great parts of the program is the support for ReelWorks, a free filmmaking program for NYC teens. This video is first clip of a playlist of short films that describe each of the participating preservation sites.

So how do you vote? It’s really simple, go to the site once a day, find your favorite place, log in, and vote! Actually, the hardest part is deciding which place to vote for. You can sort the votes in a number of ways. Me, I’m voting each day for the underdog, whomever has the lowest rank that day.

You have to hurry. You only have till May 21st to be counted.

So click on to the Partners in Preservation website, register, and cast your vote to help save your favorite historic place and keep New York City the great cultural attraction we love.

Tug Pegasus Photo
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