Herman Miller’s Discovering Design website once again has been updated

Herman Miller’s Discovering Design website once again has been updated. The site continues to gather more and more fans – and also more awards for its design.

An audio capability has been added to the site. Have you ever wondered what some of our famous designers sounded like? With this update you can hear clips of George Nelson speaking on several topics: the evolution of the 1948 Herman Miller catalog, his first meeting with DJ DePree as well as his first meeting with Ray and Charles Eames, and his memories of designing his famous Ball Clock. Look for the audio icon within several content nodes and click on it. In the future more voices from the past will be added

There are also several new content nodes to “beef” up the site. The list includes:
• industrial designer/architect Eliot Noyes including a slide show
• the Bauhaus movement with a slide show
• Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius with slide show
• The 1948 Herman Miller catalog with a slide show and also an audio clip
How Design Happened at Herman Miller– a node with slide show about this book written by a former Vice President of Herman Miller, Joe Schwartz
• Product nodes of the Noguchi table, the Eames elliptical table, the Eames wire base table, and the Eames sofa – all also with slide shows.

And finally other features added or updated are:
• An update to the What is this? game at the bottom of the front page – see if you can identify the new mystery images
• A new book list of suggested reading is also available at the bottom of the front page titled What to Read
• Additional captions have been added throughout the site to provide you with more information on images
• The copy in several nodes has been enhanced to provide even more in-depth information on some subjects

Go to www.hermanmiller.com/discoveringdesign to take a look at the new and improved site. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Just email dianne_garone@hermanmiller.com

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