HUGO’s US Challenge

In 2008, HUGO perfumes came up with a new way to celebrate their HUGO Man bottle – they began an online contest to create iconic images of the squat glass bottle with the unusual cap. Now in its third year, the HUGO Create contest has announced a U. S.-only challenge. Artists and designers from America are invited to create an image that features not only the bottle, but also an American city that inspires them.

The idea of using the identity of a city to promote a product is not particularly new (remember the Absolut vodka city-themed ads from the 90’s?), but it’s always a fun exercise.  So if you’re an image-maker, and your heart beats faster for your city, here is a very good opportunity to showcase your work. If you aren’t an artist or a designer, you can be part of the fun by helping the jury pick a winner — all the entries are added to a gallery on the website, where visitors can vote for their favorites. All the winners receive a $500 cash award, and the work of one overall winner will be displayed in a prominent area of the city that inspired them.

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