ICFF RAW: The Next Generation

Abhinand Lath, the creator of OpTrix, a technology that allows material to become reactive to light, was excitedly describing how he got his project to the floor of the ICFF. “We drove it all the way from Michigan so we could see it into the show,” he said, “and now we are just here taking everything in.” OpTrix is one of about 20 works featured in ICFF RAW: The Next Generation, a collection of projects culled from Metropolis Magazine’s Next Generation Design Competition. Marco Pasanella, of the Polenta Group, curated the show, which includes such innovative and sustainable products as dinnerware made from corn, a sofa comprised of grass, and textiles created from plastic bags.

* ICFF RAW: The Next Generation won the 2004 ICFF Editors Award for Best Booth

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