Invista Reclamation Program

In 2004, the INVISTA Reclamation Center became the first and only nationwide carpet reclamation program that recycles all types of carpet regardless of the fiber type, construction or manufacturer.

Reclamation is an easy process that takes your worn carpet and transforms it into something usable again. Since opening in 1991, more than 100 million pounds of used carpet resulting in more than 400,000 cubic yards of conserved landfill space have been diverted from landfills.

To participate in the program contact your Antron® Fiber Consultant, inform them of the amount square feet or yards of used carpet that will be reclaimed, if the carpet is broadloom or modular tile, where the project is located and when you plan to remove the carpet.

Then deliver your used carpet directly to the INVISTA Reclamation Center in Calhoun, Georgia or contact INVISTA to handle transporting the used carpet for you.

As you are considering the value of reclaiming your used carpet, visit and use the INVISTA Carpet Reclamation Calculator found by clicking on “toolbox”.

For more information on the INVISTA Reclamation Program please call 1-877-5ANTRON or visit and click on “sustainability”.


“The INVISTA Reclamation Program”
(Download .pdf)


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