Keeping Up with The Living

The prolific design team of David Benjamin and Soo-in Yang known as The Living are keeping busy with their new projects that utilize open source design and responsive architecture. The pair— runners up in both the 2005 and 2006 Next Generation® Design Competitions with their projects Living Glass and River Glow respectively—recently participated in Postopolis, the event hosted by design-savvy blogs at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York. During the panel, The Living presented prototypes of their projects and discussed the theory behind their design process.

Other recent achievements include a New York Prize Fellowship from The Van Alen Institute for their project “Living City: A Public Interface to Air Quality in New York.” As part of their fellowship, the design duo will conduct research, design, and build a functioning architectural wall that “breathes” in response to air quality. The Living’s work will be documented in an open-source web log on Van Alen’s Web site. Also, Benjamin and Yang can be found here discussing Life Size Vols. I & II, their “non-monographs about the possibility of an open source design process.”

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