Keilhauer’s Innovative Seating

Do you Sguig? That’s the question coming from Toronto’s Keilhauer, manufacturer of the Sguig, a bouncing, pivoting chair inspired by stability exercise balls. The chair is created to better fit the natural contours and sitting tendencies of both the sexes. “The Sguig provides spine support and safety to the user,” explains Marilyn Maxim, manager of public relations for Keilhauer. “It provides active sitting.” The Sguig has four distinctive features. The first is its bouncing element, which encourages the spine to find its “natural stacking” and encourage blood flow. The next is Sguig’s ankle-height pivot actions, allowing the body’s natural center of mass to follow the user’s motion. Third, its T1-L5 Free Shoulders backrest supports the natural curve of the spine, both lumbar and thoracic. Finally, the feature developed as a result Keilhauer made when developing Sguig, is the Pelvic Balance Point that allows the user to adjust his or her positioning on the seat in relationship to the backrest for maximum support and comfort. “We learned that men and women sit very differently,” Maxim says. “The Pelvic Balance Point accommodates both.”

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