Kits for the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Industrial designer Mark McKenna was working for Ingo Maurer when he decided to have a little fun with printed circuit boards, which were showing up in all types of projects from doorknobs to conceptual art. He was also feeling a little underwhelmed by his level of success. “I’ll make a kit, and I’ll be instantly famous,” he says of the decision-making process that led to his developing the punch-and-assemble kits, which so far include versions of a Maurer (he had to start with his boss), an Achille Castiglione, and everyone’s favorite, the Tizio lamp. McKenna also wanted to “demystify the process” of design by making it possible for anyone with opposable thumbs and ten minutes to create their own miniature version of these icons. The kits are available at the MoMA store, Site, and on his website at, and cost from $26 to $29.