LEEDers and Followers

Once people begin to see the benefits of these systems, I’m sure others will follow their example. These architects have improved this world which is, at present, full of wasteful depletion of our natural resources. I wish Mr. Fox and Cook much success in achieving their goals in many future projects.

Dara Phiroze Wadia


While the article mentions that generous ventilation is provided, there is no mention of how this is both determined and maintained. Are carbon sensors in place that are periodically reviewed and interpreted, or is it merely hoped that the ventilation system will continue to work as intended, providing a healthy and productive indoor environment over the life of the building? Or is there a program in place to provide continuous diagnostic feedback on this important component of HVAC performance?

David W. Bearg, PE, CIH


The article was wonderful. I learned a good deal about green buildings and I salute your efforts. We need more people who think like you!

Ann Bloom


Cook and Fox are vanguards in the green building business. I am so proud my daughter works for them.

Regina Hartley


This article is great, and I just hope the trend continues into smaller scale developments. For example, I am about to begin a major remodel of my single-family home and am interested in using as many green-building practices/materials as possible. While the article suggests that there is a minimal cost increase for building a LEED certified project, it seems as though these options just aren’t readily available for the individual home-builder/remodeler. It would be great if you could provide some links to green-building “clearinghouses” so that people not experienced in this could quickly find out more.



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