Like Leaning Against a Snow Bank, But Warmer

At a fair (and an industry) in which the Swedes, Danes, and Finns have established such a dominating presence, it’s nice to discover that the Norwegians, too, have something special to add to the world of Scandinavian design. Leads Møbler is the only Norwegian firm showing at this year’s ICFF, and their contributions, including the Eshu sofa, by Roger Sveian, and the Whole in One chair, designed by Nora Furuholmen and Christian Sæther, are recognizably Scandinavian, but with a Norwegian austerity and sense of humor.

A diamond of wool-wrapped foam tilted forward on metal legs, the Whole in One chair was inspired by something that Norway has quite a lot of: snow. “We became interested in how you can pile snow up into a comfortable seat by compacting it,” says Saether, “and then tried to reproduce the effect using foam. So we tilted up the foam on legs, so it’s like leaning against a snow bank. The middle part is more compacted than the edges.” The hole in the middle provides a place for your seat, and the wool makes this conversation-piece of a chair a lot warmer than its inspiration. It can also be covered in leather, cotton, or any other material.

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