Live@ICFF, Editor’s Pick: Mark Kinsley’s Riveli Shelving

Mark Kinsley, who won a spot in Bernhardt Design’s ICFF Studio, designed his Riveli modular shelving system for his own small apartment. “I wanted something that didn’t always have to be out but could be pulled down when my book collection grew,” says the Chicago-based designer. He quickly realized that the system, made of 9-by-17-inch aluminum plates with a black anodized finish, was a shoo-in for the retail market, thanks to the image emblazoned on the undersides of the plates. DesignTex produced the images for the prototypes; in future iterations the shelves will work more like a picture frame, with a slot for images to be inserted and swapped out. Roll pins provide enough pressure that the plates remain against the wall when pushed up, giving retailers a clever way to show small items against their logo. Though not officially in production, Riveli is currently available on demand from Iconic Revolution.