Local Flavors

This section of the magazine serves as a sort of introduction to the main event. Here we have invited some of our favorite writers—Bruce Sterling, John Hockenberry, James Howard Kunstler, Joel Kotkin, and Roberta Brandes Gratz—to weigh in on the subject of localism. Their range of responses highlighted for us the richness and enormity of the issue. For visual pacing we interspersed between these essays five explorations in “local type.” We asked typographers to represent the towns in which they live or grew up by using a typeface of their own design—whether digital or hand-drawn—that captures the spirit of the place.

Local Flavors Essays
Revenge of the Slow by Bruce Sterling
Back to Basics by Joel Kotkin
Case Study by John Hockenberry
Urban Virtues by Roberta Brandes Gratz
Going Local by James Howard Kunstler

Local Flavors Typography

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