Maharam’s Pliable Laminates

During the past several NeoCons, the Maharam showroom at the Merchandise Mart has become more installation space than a simple display area; this year, British artist Liam Gilliam worked with New York architects Fernlund + Logan to create an environment that presents the company’s wares as works of art. Unlike many other exhibitors who try to cram in absolutely everything they’ve got, Maharam chose select pieces to spotlight which hang dramatically in long swaths from ceiling mounted platforms. A standout this year is Milanese house wares and accessories designer/retailer Luisa Cevese’s “Ply,” which was recently accepted into the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Maharam asked Cevese to develop a textile based on her “Redizioni” items, which feature industrial remnants encased in a soft, translucent polyurethane by Cevese’s proprietary process. Maharam calls the product, in which interlocking yarns of jute, chenille, and tweed are similarly encased, “pliable laminates” for interior applications.

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