Maya Lin’s Stones

The ICFF’s courtyard seating, a collection of Maya Lin’s Stones, is a quiet surprise. A series of low, mahogany-colored “rocks,” they offer an escape from the bustle of conference activity, as well as from the concrete of the city; they provide a place for exhausted attendees to rest, eat, and watch the world go by. Lin designed these Stones, which are—ironically—made of glass-reinforced concrete, in 1998, for the 60th anniversary of KnollStudio; they are hollow, come in three sizes, and weigh from 60-150 pounds each.

Lin’s Stones are so natural-looking that without signage (a note taped onto a tree directly above one of the seats), we might have thought that the rocks had always been there, their concave surface worn down by the elements. The Stones have previously been shown at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and are available in numerous earth tones.

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