Meyer May Symposium Videos Now Available

Last September, Steelcase hosted a symposium on the 100-year anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Meyer May House, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At the event, Metropolis’s Susan Szenasy asked leaders in the architecture and design community–including Jeffrey Bernett, Shashi Caan, Toshiko Mori, and Michael Van Valkenburgh–to consider both what makes Wright’s architecture uniquely successful and what his designs can teach us today.

If you missed the event, you’re in luck: Steelcase has just posted video clips of pretty much the entire conversation on its Meyer May anniversary site (including the above sample, in which several of the speakers talk about principles in design). Moreover, a live version of the symposium may be coming soon to a city near you; Steelcase is currently firming up plans to host similar events in major U.S. cities throughout this year. The first one will take place in New York on April 6, with Szenasy reprising her role as moderator. We’ll keep you posted as the list of speakers in finalized, and you can always find the latest information on the Meyer May events page.

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