Molo’s Float Tea Lantern

The diminutive molo booth is filled with only two objects, both designed by Canadians Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen. Soft Wall is a tall accordion of soft-white paper that, once flattened into an inch-thick wad, has now been extended about a dozen feet to fill the booth from side-to-side like a smile. Cut into the pillowy paper screen is a shallow alcove where the studio’s first product—the float tea lantern—is displayed to striking effect.

The lantern is a tea kettle-cum-teapot made from hand-blown glass and lined with a beaker-shaped inner cylinder made from borosilicate glass tubing. It will chill lemonade or keep mulled wine warm, and can be placed above a votive candle. With a fluid inside, the lantern becomes just that: a vehicle for the play of light through liquid and glass.

* Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen won the 2004 ICFF Editors Award for New Designer

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