More on the New Iconic Building

I haven’t read Charles Jencks’s book yet, but the debate here [“The New Iconic Building?”] pinpoints some very crucial issues of today’s relationship between man and his built environment. I agree with Peter Eisenman that the “opticality” of the building is very important, but I do not believe that by admiring something and considering it a successful new jewel of your city you become passive.

Usually these iconic buildings are used by a small number of people, and only they are able to argue whether the functionality of the building is successful or not. For the rest of us, the building is either perceived as a “precious stone” or a monster of technology, and what will distinguish one from the other is, as Mr. Jencks said, the architect’s capacity to test and judge a number of creative experiments toward a successful design.

And yes, of course, it has to be green—that is the most important of all considerations. And that is the challenge and task of today’s architect, if we hope to occupy this earth for a bit longer.


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