Multidisciplinary Design Is the Future

I believe multidisciplinary firms and education to be the wave of the future (“What Non-Traditional Design Education Can Teach Us”). As the world condenses and our technologies flourish rampantly, it becomes harder for one discipline to make a difference. Only through teamwork can one understand a problem holistically.

What an architect does not know about a neighborhood, a social worker can help fill in, a graphic designer can help [publicize], and so forth. This kind of problem-solving can be applied to all aspects of design, from wheelchairs and affordable housing to city planning and day-care centers.

I experienced this type of teamwork firsthand at Archeworks, an organization that addresses social needs by developing and providing alternative design education solutions, arrived at through a multi-disciplinary process.

Until more schools come out of their ivory towers and into the streets to communicate and collaborate, our world will always suffer.

Santino Medina

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