New Solutions or New Serfdoms?

Amen! That is awesome – I think a training program like this is the perfect solution for the increasing gap we have between experienced professionals and sheltered college students. Three days a week leaves a good amount of time to have another job, work on one’s own design, etc. Thanks for the article!

Samantha Morris


Eva Menz’s training program is an interesting work model, but all work is worth paying for in cash and not just lunches. This model really may have been right for the Middle Ages when the journeyman system helped lift the lucky serf out of poverty into only semi-poverty.



What exactly did Miss Menz invent? Unpaid training is well known all around the world, especially in the field of design. Did she also invent origami?

Alon Trostanetsky


This article is great. It gives a little hope to those artists who are having a hard time finding paid work, internships, and just plain real-life experience. New artists who are just beginning to discover the scope of the design world could benefit immensely from a program than allows them to contribute, even in the smallest way, to a project.


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