NYC Comes to Play

October 24th marked the official opening of the 3form New York City Showroom. Despite the wet weather, the distinctly 3form space welcomed over 600 of New York’s A&D community. The mood was playful as guests were encouraged to explore the space which was designed to push the visitor’s imagination into high gear.

Along with sample offerings from the company’s extensive material library, the showroom offers eye-catching installations against a clean and dramatic backdrop. “We wanted to keep the space open to really allow the material to stand out and not be limited by the design around it,” explained Jill Canales, VP of marketing and Design for 3form, “we hope it acts as an inspiration for everything that can be accomplished with our product.”

And opening night proved to be an inspiration as well. The event, sponsored by Metropolis Magazine attracted both the established and emerging architects and designers of the city. Guests mingled energetically all night with no sign of stopping fueled no doubt by the signature drink supplied by Christiana. “This is one of the best responses we’ve ever seen for an event” remarked Tamara Stout, National Sales Manager for Metropolis Magazine, “people just love 3form!”

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