On the Topic of Decline

I was excited to see your story on Youngstown, Ohio. As an ex-pat of Youngstown, with some friends and relatives still there, I get back once in awhile. The last time I was there a couple of cool bars had opened downtown and everyone seemed excited about the coming changes, including plans for new bars, restaurants, and condos—Good for them. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

Bob Schwartz


I think the plan for Youngstown, Ohio is flawed. Youngstown would be a great location for many different businesses, however, the past mayors and councils have always stunted growth rather than encouraging it. Youngstown’s plan leads to problems for upkeep expenses along with less people, especially with jobs, to help pay for that upkeep. Even if Youngstown becomes a bedroom community, the tax base will be small, because others will pay their city taxes where they work, not in Youngstown. Additionally, bedroom communities will have severe growth problems until America finds greater mass transit, or cheaper transportation, for commuters.

Beth Coleman


It would be nice to see some of the design proposals for Youngstown.

Mike Bartos

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