Opening Day at the ICFF

Walking the floor at the ICFF is wonderful and frustrating. I want 95 percent of what I see. I want to throw away every bit of furniture in my house and replace it with these sumptuous pieces-right now.

I would be happier with drapes made from that seagreen Knoll textile with the puckery dots. I’m sure my life would be much better with a bathroom slathered in those little Bisazza glass tiles that come in dozens of sparkling colors. I would be more relaxed with Martin Ballendat’s Twin sofa recliner from Wittman. But what I really, really want is that square within a square ottoman in charcoal wool from Skypad.

The ICFF is an exercise in I wants. It is a testament to the almost incomprehensible talents of designers, from big-time to just-getting-started. It is a verification that there are people out there thinking about what we need, what we like to look at, and what would make us more comfortable.

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