Outdoor Bathing Beauties

For anyone who’s ever wished they could take a bath outdoors, they’ve found their answer in Dutchtub. “We want to accentuate the portability of boundless bathing,” Todd Smith, the US representative says of the polyester and stainless steel tub, which weighs a mere 165 pounds and is small enough to fit on the roof of a car. The water is heated by a stainless steel heating coil, which is fueled by a wood fire. Dutchtub promises a heat of 100 degrees Fahrenheit within two hours of starting the fire. The tub is available in Holland, where it is manufactured, as well as Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland. The ICFF marks its US launch. Skeptical of the hit potential for outdoor bathing? If the hundred already sold at $6,000 apiece is anything to go by, bathing might just leave the bathroom.

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