Plain and Fancy

Since the Finnish government recommends wearing reflectors throughout the dark winter, designer Saara Renvall’s Kukka flower brooches are both practical and fanciful.

They are made from the same reflective 3M material used for traffic signs, with a faceted pattern that is mirrored by the geometric petals. “I wanted the flower to look graphic and sculptural,” Renvall says. “Square edges interest me more than round ones.”

The single brooch Renvall had originally made for herself won a place in a prestigious Design Forum Finland exhibition showcasing new work.

She has since seen the shiny blossoms—now sold through Artek—blooming on coat lapels, hats, and even dog collars. “It’s jewelry you can feel good wearing even when it isn’t dark,” she says. “I call it ‘daily romance.’ I like to make people pause for a moment and simply enjoy it.”

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