Pop Planters

A collaboration between the burgeoning M Studio and the 83-year old display manufacturer Metaline has resulted in Mobos—modular metal boxes that are functional as well as stylish. “Mobos are a modern take on traditional window boxes,” says Jenna Zilincar, owner of M Studio. These multi-functional pop art boxes come in a variety of standard shapes and colors, or they can be customized. Capable of storing everything from plants to magazines to toilet paper, Mobos serve as useful art. Each box hooks onto a mounted bar, making it simple to change the contents, and since Mobos are made out of metal they avoid the deterioration and mold that occur with conventional wooden boxes. With a low price point—boxes range from $20-$30 and mounting bars go for $15-$25—and striking design, these little planters can add a playfully modern touch to your home or garden.

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