Praise For Karrie Jacobs’s ‘Toothpaste’ Nation

I absolutely agree that we are routinely bombarded with far more choices than we can evaluate, and with products we do not really need. [“The Toothpaste Aisle” ] I blank out in the shampoo aisle. With toothpaste, I have been committed to Tom’s of Maine for years.

Dorothy Twining Globus
New York


Brilliant article! Karrie Jacobs conveys her point very well with excellent wit. (“Red/blue toothpaste nation with a red incumbent”) I and my urban planning colleagues are forever put off by how “diverse” we have become as a nation—or should I say, how many choices there are to make. And now with toothpaste! Incredible.

Carol Yamarino
Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.


“One toothpaste, Colgate’s Fresh Confidence, had a label seemingly inspired by the legendary Russian Constructivist Alexander Rodchenko, with type angling out of a disembodied mouth…”

I must bow the knee to the supreme literary genius of Karrie Jacobs.


Bruce Sterling

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