Q&A: KnollTextiles’ Suzanne Tick

Suzanne Tick
Diamond Plate Upholstery Fabric, 2003

Where did you get the idea for the textile?
I’ve been exploring the concept of wet and dry, shiny and matte—different types of finishes on different types of materials. Diamond Plate was taken from steel industrial plates. There are upholstery vinyls out there, but embossing and creating texture on the surface that looks like other material has not really been explored that strongly.

What’s innovative about the textile?
This technology was brought to us by one of our suppliers. The process is less expensive than doing embossed and engraved rollers; that’s a huge cost—in the $30,000 range. In this process, you can make a sleeve out of rubber, which is then used to create the mold for the embossing roller. Normally you have to engrave steel rollers. The sleeve is injected with fiberglass, and that becomes the roller.

What’s your favorite object?
A glass piece by artist Janusz Walentynowicz.

Is there anything you absolutely must do while you’re in New York for the ICFF?
Enjoy fabulous friends and company for a dinner at Spice.

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