Q&A: Richard Schultz’ Pavilion Modular Structure

Richard Schultz, Designer
Pavilion Modular Structure, 2004 (original design 1987)
Richard Schultz

Where did you get the idea for this design?
I wanted to solve the problem of producing shade outdoors without using an umbrella. This design defines space outdoors through its structure and produces shade where it is needed through the vertical and horizontal curtains.

What’s innovative about it?
It’s similar to a pergola or a gazebo, but what may be innovative is that it is a new, simple aesthetic that relates to the furniture we are offering. It is so neutral that it seems to work well even with more traditional architecture.

What was your greatest challenge to realizing the design?
Achieving structural integrity in a way that is unassuming.

Did anything interesting happen during the development of the pavilion?
To determine if the structure would resist high winds, we erected it in a local airport and positioned an airplane in front of it. Nothing disastrous happened.

What’s your favorite object?
The Statue of Liberty.

Is there anything you absolutely must do while you’re in New York for the ICFF?
Find an interesting exhibit to visit.

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