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I truly enjoyed your article Beyond Black + White—I found it very uplifting. As an architect who is a black American, it has been very challenging practicing architecture for the last 25 years, 13 of which I have been in business for myself. Reading this article has helped me to know that all the challenges have been worth it, and to continue looking for greater successes. It is wonderful to see that there is a black architect who has had success in doing larger institutional projects. Philip Freelon’s projects are of the same quality, if not better, than the works that are held out as representative of the profession and typically done by architects of caucasian descent.

Bruce R. Jackson, A.I.A.


Thank you for publishing a piece on Philip Freelon. It was a wonderful and uplifting article for any architect or designer and especially for black designers. As an African who operates a design studio in the US, it is very rare that I see successful African American designers published in widely distributed trade magazines like yours. Please keep this up as our industry lacks role models and mentors as well.

There are so many of us who toil in the dark trying to get to the finish line. Please look, find, and publish these brilliant designers who might not have the social circle connection, star designer status, or the financial means like the designers that are published repeatedly.

Jomo Tariku,
Creative Director
Jomo Design Furniture
Alexandria, VA

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