Rare Forms at Scandinaviaform

A marketplace for Sweden’s independent designers and musicians, Scandinaviaform brings a small selection of its catalog to ICFF.

Maxjenny Forslund’s Plexistorage container system is a stack of clear trays suspended on a metal pole. The trays swing around the pole giving the storage system an interactive and sculptural appeal.

This isn’t the place to stash things best hidden under the bed. The clear boxes-which can be colorless or tinted orange, red, brown, or gray-give the user a chance to curate a collection of favorite items: hats, scarves, high heels, etc.

Charlotte Sorensen developed the Hyper chair, available in maple or mahogany, with a psychologist. The low rocking stool is designed to calm hyperactive children and give them an outlet for their energy.

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Company: Scandinaviaform Ltd.
Product: Plexistorage container system
Designer: Maxjenny Forslund

Product: Hyper chair
Designer: Charlotte Sorensen

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