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Sister Tract
In Denver, the nuns of St. Francis recently moved into Casa Chiara, a new solar-powered monastery where the seven Sisters can live “with gentle courtesy toward all creation”. It’s no surprise that they’re so concerned about the environment. In 1979, Pope John Paul II rebranded Francis as the patron saint “of those who promote ecology.” Granted, St. Francis wasn’t an environmentalist in the contemporary sense of the word, but he did love animals and “spent a third to half of each year praying in nature and the wilderness,” Steel Yard generation, the revitalization of Providence, Rhode Island, was led by former mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci, a charismatic politician known for his toupees and authentic marinara sauce. In his more than 20 years in office, the “Prince of Providence” helped create attractive river walks and a vibrant downtown arts-and-entertainment district. He later spent four years in jail on racketeering and corruption charges. Freed in 2007, he resurfaced without a toupee but with a new radio show on WPRO. In his free time, he also hosts culinary tours of his beloved city.

Photo credits for “Baby Rems”:
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