Reference Page: October 2010

All Carrot, No Stick
The League of American Bicyclists called the Livable Communities Act “a big win for biking and walking.” Passed by the Senate Banking Committee in August, the bill would set aside $4 billion in grants favoring “transit-oriented development.” But the right-wing blogosphere is already filled with visions of elitist bureaucrats forcing Americans to live in urban squalor. Conservative activists are calling the bill a “socialist trap” and an assault on the American Dream, which they define as owning a suburban home and at least two SUVs.

X is for Xeriscaping
Although PersonalFinance_RealEstate” target=”_blank”>neighbors of a xeriscaping couple in Hurst, Texas, have complained that their wild flower garden is “offensive to the neighborhood”.

The Bell Jar
The new Arena Stage theater, by yellow lounge chairs and food trucks selling tacos and duck sausage. Of course, no gentrification would be complete without Starbucks and sushi, also available at the new local Safeway.

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