Remembering Eero’s Music Hall

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece [“Reconsidering Eero”] in the magazine and was thrilled to see that it is available online as well. I always find it interesting to read how transformative Eero Saarinen’s work was, because for me his architecture is a very fond and special childhood memory.

Growing up in Buffalo, New York, Saturday afternoon pop concerts would take place in Kleinhans Music Hall. At the time, I didn’t know who Eero and Eliel were, or that Kleinhans was one of their first collaborative commissions. I just knew it was beautiful and grand, and that I spent as much time counting the ridges in the ceiling and looking up and down the huge expanses of wood that lined the main auditorium as I did listening to the music.

I noticed that the Kleinhans Music Hall wasn’t mentioned in your article so I put together a brief piece ( about the structure, including a Flash slideshow. If hope it will be of interest to other readers.

Thanks again for a really wonderful piece.

George Johnson, Jr.,
Publisher / Creative Director
Buffalo Rising Online

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