Screen Grab

Today, Google launched a collection of new screen art by over 60 artists, designers, and personalities for iGoogle, a tool that allows you to create your own personalized Google homepage. Philippe Starck, Kengo Kuma, Yves Behar, Michael Graves, and Cameron Sinclair, all contributed, and the “themes” (Google’s name for the art) range from super-cute to super-cheeseball.

Some designs from Google’s “world-class artists” are no more than self-promotional tools (sorry Missy Higgins and Mads Nørgaard-Copenhagen), but you’ll find some that are sweet (the theme from Japanese ad duo Shigeki Yuriko Yamane pictured above is my favorite). And if you can’t decide which one to pick, Google has created a sampler theme that rotates through all participating artists. If that’s still not enough, the iGoogle home page allows you to create custom designs.

To see a video of the artist themes, click here.

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