Space-Conscious Storage for Gearheads

Having previously done freelance work for companies such as Established & Sons, young British designer Andrew Lang is making his ICFF debut with a bicycle storage solution that is ingeniously simple and a lot better looking than the typical gear-head hooks and poles. Made of rotationally molded plastic, it looks a bit like a flower pot mounted to the wall by its base. But the uneven lip is the secret to the patented design: simply lift the bike, elevating the rear tire, slip the crossbar into place between the grooves, and lock the bike into place as you release it. “It utilizes the natural rear-wheel weight bias of the bike as the mechanism to hold it in place” Lang says. It works just as well for angled crossbars, simply rotate the Cycloc a few degrees before mounting it to the wall, which you can do using one of three standards kinds of hardware that are hidden beneath a removable plastic panel. Gloves, lights, and other accessories get tucked into the cubby. Brilliant.

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