Stall Tactic


“Duravit has a history of addressing luxury in the small bath,” says Tim Schroeder, the president of Duravit USA. “We realized that many of our clients have small spaces, but not necessarily small budgets.” Over the past several years, the company has been collaborating with the Vienna-based design group EOOS to create OpenSpace, a collapsible shower concept that launched last October. When not in use, the sleek glass panels of the enclosure can fold into the chrome frame and sit flush against the wall, freeing up some elbow room in a cramped bath. As an option, one of the doors can come with a mirror finish—not only does this conceal the shower fittings and make the room look bigger, it also gives people the luxury of a full-length mirror. “It is one of those elements that doesn’t add that much to the overall cost, but is such a brilliant solution,” Schroeder says.

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