Starter Cubicle

Martí Guixé

The Spanish designer Martí Guixé describes his latest product as “a cubicle for making fun.” Although that concept may sound oxymoronic to your average office drone, Guixé’s design does look pretty amusing. Called My First Office, it is—you guessed it—a miniature work space for kids, sure to be popular among all the burgeoning little CEOs out there (or at least their hopeful, hypervigilant parents). The nearly four-foot-tall plywood enclosure—which debuted at last April’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile as part of the Italian manufacturer Magis’s Me Too line of children’s furniture—includes a diminutive desk, plenty of shelving space, and an entrance small enough to prevent adults from barging in to see how the homework’s coming along. The downside? These kids are going to be seriously disappointed when they grow up and get their first real cubicle.

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