Taste Makers

Nice poster! Also, nice event! If you’re in New York April 2-3, be sure to check out Parsons’s annual Aftertaste symposium, “dedicated to critically reviewing the field of interior design; identifying pressing contemporary issues challenging practitioners today; meditating on the make-up of the interior environment and its constituents; and creating a dialogue between academic research and interior design practice.”

This year’s theme, “Moving In,” examines the current environmental, economic, and social pressures on interior design–and asks what ideas, skills, and areas of specialist knowledge are “moving in” to expand practice in response to those influences. The speakers include Claudy Jongstra, Kitty Hawks, Susan Yelavich, and Metropolis’s own Paul Makovsky and Susan Szenasy. The event is free and open to the public; click here for the full schedule.

Related: We put Claudy Jongstra on our cover back in August 2005. In 2007, Susan Yelavich talked to Paul Makovsky about the state of interior design. Kitty Hawks has answered our Text Message questionnaire and reflected on the 50th anniversary of the Four Seasons.

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