Tasteful Retreads

The latest iteration of Artecnica’s Design with Conscience campaign matches Brazil’s Campana brothers with craftspeople in Vietnam. Enrico Bressan, codirector of the Los Angeles–based manufacturer, says the Campanas’ conceptual, craft-oriented approach made them a perfect fit for the collection—which includes work by Tord Boontje, Hella Jongerius, and Stephen Burks. The brothers proposed a few different ideas, and Artecnica settled on a wicker fruit basket woven inside trashed tires from motorcycles and scooters—now being produced by a group of craftspeople outside Ho Chi Minh City. But in case you’re squeamish about having a used tire on the dinner table, don’t worry: they’re steam-cleaned and given a hygienic protective coating. The Campanas are also developing linen or hemp tire covers for those occasions when you might not want worn treads next to the salad fork.

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